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Miss Kelsey graduated from Butler University where she studied elementary and early childhood education.  During her time at Butler, she was introduced to the philosophy of education embraced by the early childhood centers in Reggio Emilia, Italy. Having worked in traditional preschool settings and feeling dissatisfied with the rigid, sterile, and uninspiring environments, Kelsey immediately connected with the Reggio philosophy of educating young learners. She values the warmth of the Reggio philosophy, the emphasis on relationship building and honoring children. Kelsey embraced the Reggio philosophy throughout her time at Butler. She completed her student teaching in a Reggio inspired school and went on to teach a multi-age preschool class at St. Mary’s Child Center.

Nurturing preschool students and discovering alongside them is one of Kelsey’s greatest joys in life and she is thankful for the opportunity to bring a Reggio inspired school to the Broad Ripple area.

The College of Education at Butler University prepares its pre-service teachers “for schools and communities as they could be, not simply perpetuating those that currently exist.” This goal resonated with Kelsey early on in her college career. After exploring the current high quality preschool programs in the Indianapolis area and searching for progressive education programs throughout the state, Kelsey felt frustrated with existing options for early childhood students. This frustration sparked a call to action. Kelsey felt it urgent to take her idea of how a school for young learners could be and make it a reality.

The young girl with a love for learning, school supplies, and a desire to grow into an inspirational teacher herself would never have foreseen this aspiration coming to fruition, but, in the words of Loris Malaguzzi, “Everything is possible in the mind of the child.”


Miss Aime is a full-time, assistant teacher at The Sapling School. She prioritizes building relationships with each child and learning about their interests. Miss Aime has her Child Development Associates and has experience working in other Reggio inspired environments as well as Montessori schools. Miss Aime loves spending time with her French bulldog, Congo, and having him visit the Sapling students. She is bilingual and enjoys teaching the children Spanish words and songs!







Miss Sam is a full-time, assistant teacher at The Sapling School. She received her degree in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology from Indiana University. Sam first began working with children through babysitting and some work at Girl Scout camp. Prior to working at Sapling, Miss Sam taught at The Goddard School. Miss Sam values a more holistic lifestyle and education. She was seeking out a “crunchy granola” preschool like Sapling to work and send her own daughter.







Miss Abby is a part time, assistant teacher at The Sapling School and a full time education student at Butler University. Miss Abby is majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in both Early Childhood and Special Education. Miss Abby has always been passionate about working with preschoolers and began teaching the preschool bible class at her church in fifth grade! She continues to teach Sunday School now, as well. Miss Abby believes that empowering our children to be thinkers and creators is so important. She feels that the Reggio approach allows us to do that by honoring each child.







Miss Katie will be a lead preschool teacher at The Sapling School beginning in the Fall of 2019. Katie is currently a senior at Butler University; she will graduate in May of 2019. Katie is licensed in elementary education and early childhood education. During her time at Butler, it quickly became clear to Katie that Reggio-inspired teaching was the route she wanted to pursue. Recently, she was lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel with Butler’s College of Education to Reggio Emilia, Italy. While abroad, Katie was able to see the Reggio schools firsthand and learn from their wise educators. Katie lives just down the road from The Sapling School with her new husband and rescue pup. She cannot wait to join the Sapling family full time and be able to teach children in her own neighborhood!


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